Customer Testimonials

Poem Written by Mabel ( a past student)
Mrs Reid …

School was tough, hard and the work was unbeatable

Until one sunny day I visited Leeds to a brick building with a logo of yellow.

I took a test

Three/four weeks later I got a letter

The letter confirmed that I had dyslexia …

It turns out I’ve had it all my life and we never knew

And that the lady who took my test was going to be my dyslexia tutor.

She was named Sheila Reid

So she took action, dyslexia action

So every Monday she had a lesson with me and I learnt everything I should know

But after a while the school I was at was not where I wanted to be

So I moved to lady lane park school but I didn’t see Sheila for a long time

But when I was settled in to my new school guess who appeared again, Yes Mrs Reid

I was very happy not because my new school wasn’t great at helping me but I still needed her now

than ever

It was nearly SATS

The most dreaded time of year for any year six child/student

So I prepared for SATS with S.R

And I was ok.

After all we have been through

It’s hard to let go

But it still might not be the end though

I hope you enjoy my hand made gift

Good luck and goodbye
Nemone Jacques
When Theo was first diagnosed with Dyslexia in 2014 we were concerned that we were not qualified to help him. Another child's mother introduced us to Shelagh who is an expert on the condition. Theo has flourished and grown hugely in confidence since beginning his lessons with Shelagh. He has gone from emerging / developing attainment to secure in all areas! The training techniques, expert knowledge and amazing patience Shelagh has has made all the difference. We will continue with Shelagh as we know she can help Theo achieve his true potential.