Learning is greatly enhanced when information ‘input’ uses more than one sense simultaneously; say it, hear it, do it and see it. This is particularly important for individuals with a SpLD.

Interventions follow an individualised programme that is structured, cumulative and multi-sensory.

Most intervention programmes are based upon the principles of Orton- Gillingham.

AIM selects an intervention that is most suitable for the individual:

  • Active Literacy Kit (ALK)

  • Dyslexia Institute Literacy Programme (DILP)

  • Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme (DALP)

  • Hickey Multisensory Language Course

  • Kelley & Phillips ‘Dyslexia A Multisensory Course’

Lessons are delivered in school during the day. This minimises absence from curriculum lessons and allows a collaborative partnership with key members of school staff.

Duration of the lesson is selected upon the age of the child, the intervention being delivered and concomitantly with the school timetable.

Parents are invited to attend a lesson with their child during the school holidays. This provides the opportunity for parents to observe the intervention in practice and gain a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of the programme and how to support their child at home.

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