The effects of a SpLD are manifested differently for different people. The level of the severity can be measured by the impact it is having on their learning and other activities.

Each profile is unique. An assessment can help to identify the co-occurrence with other SpLD’s, the impact on learning and the best support systems to deploy within the school and home environments.

Left unidentified or unsupported SpLDs can lead to frustration, poor self-esteem, emotional distress and frustration. To compensate for this a child may become withdrawn, use avoidance techniques or develop behavioral problems.

Identifying and responding to the underlying barriers to learning can elevate self-esteem, develop an understanding of supporting strategies and improve attainment.

AIM offers the following assessments to individuals and local schools:

  • Key Stage 1 screener

  • Irlen screening

  • Full Diagnostic Assessment for Dyslexia and Dyscalculia

  • Exam Access arrangements

  • Diagnostic Assessments for DSA

Please use the enquiry form to receive further details regarding assessments.